Welcome to Val Canali ... in Trentino!

It was Gianpaolo Depaoli the founder's our adventure.

As far as he was young his life is connect to Val Canali, where in the Sabbionare, behind Sass Maor mountain, his family owned one "casera" (mountain house). Like all mountain house in the valley, it was dedicated to pasture and work. After the War the life was hard, but his strong-willed to trust to tourism and hospitality his business venture for the future was more strong.

Before the hotel- management school and after some job faraway the valley to better take up the trade of cook.

Besides the passion of mountains and the relationship with the valley permit Gianpaolo to become alpine guide before and after ski teacher. Finally it become the right moment to transform the "casera" of Sabbionare into a restaurant named "Baita la Ritonda", founded in 1965. The ever-changing and the hard work permit to speak well about the restaurant. Daria, the wife, comes abreast of Gianpaolo both in his life and business. Then the pleasure of children, Marzia, Davide e Karin.
In the meantime Gianpaolo take part in alpine- expeditions across the world, among which the Dalaughiri expedition with the group of Primiero's alpine guides "The Aquile" in 1976.

Gianpaolo always repeat: "Now I'll stop myself".

In 1986, the restyling of the tourist facility permits to "La Ritonda" to becomes hotel and to shows like today, where the guests find Gianpaolo, Daria and Karin.

In 2001, the business venture never satisfy, allows to expand the activity buying the historical restaurant "Cant del Gal"; nowadays it is managing to the older daughter Marzia and her family, her husband Nicola and two daughters Stephanie and Pernilla.

In 2007 the family acquire another activity in the access of Val Canali in front of Lago Welsperg: the "Bar Laghetto". It is manage to Davide and his wife Nicoletta ; he is the second son of Gianpaolo that becoming alpine guide like his father.

Nowadays Gianpaolo doesn't stopping work. The big family Depaoli go on the story in Val Canali, to pass on one's enthusiasm, the passion of the hospitality and the love of the highland to the visitors.

We hope us the family's atmosphere enjoy all guests that choose our location to spend some days with us.

If you come to Val Canali and don't find Gianpaolo, don't worry, "Now I'll stop myself", it's not still arrive.

Depaoli Family from Val Canali